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About Us


The Department of Global Economics was launched in 2009 with the goal of being a leading department in Korea that can produce globally competitive economists who can serve in private and public sectors. To achieve this goal, we have designed an innovative curriculum that first focuses on fundamental topics and then allows students to choose a specialized field of study according to their preferences.


Moreover, the department offers a dual degree program which allows SKKU students to earn two Bachelors degrees in four years --one from SKKU and the other from a foreign partner university---by studying at SKKU for two years and at a foreign partner university for the remaining two years.


Currently, SKKU is collaborating with University of Birmingham, UK,  University of Essex, UK. Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands and University of Bristol, UK.



Department in Detail

1. Facilities

The Global Economics Department is located in a wing of the newly constructed International Hall, which has the latest computing and audio-visual equipments in its classrooms, comfortable desks, small-group discussion rooms and a student lounge. The main campus library, also equipped with new computer facilities, is available for students 24 hours a day.


Please check the table below for more specific information.


The following PC rooms are commonly open to all students

Building Room No. Space Occupancy Type of Use
Dasan Hall of Economics 32421 e+ Compuer Lab (1) 26 PC Room
Dasan Hall of Economics 32423 e+ Compuer Lab (2) 48 PC Room
Dasan Hall of Economics 32425 Creative-Smart Zone 45 PC Room
Dasan Hall of Economics 32530 e+ Compuer Lab (3) 34 PC Room
Dasan Hall of Economics 32531 e+ Compuer Lab (4) 48 PC Room
Toegye Hall of Humanities 31404 e+ Lecture Room 48 Used for lectures only
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The following library and/or study rooms are commonly open to all students

Building Room No. Space Requirement
Central Library - - Student ID card to enter
Dasan Hall of Economics 32103 Graduate Study-Room  
Toegye Hall of Humanities 31206 Study-Room of Toegye Hall  
Business School 33B105 Undergraduate Study-Hall Student ID card to enter
Business School 33B104 Graduate Study-Hall Student ID card to enter
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The following spaces are located on International Hall and restrictively open to the Global Economics students

Building Room No. Space for
International Hall 9B204  Seminar room (Open to all students)
International Hall 9B205  Seminar room (Open to all students)
International Hall 9B206  Seminar room (Global Economics Only)
International Hall 9B214  Seminar room (Global Economics Only)
International Hall 9B216  Seminar room (Global Economics Only)
International Hall 9B207 The Student Union of Global Economics
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2. Dormitory

Most freshmen in the Global Economics Department live in school dormitories, which are located within 5 minutes walking distance from the main campus.


Please refer to the website below for more information about dormitories:



3. Scholarships for Students
(1) Woosuk Jeongho Scholarship
  • Half Scholarship for one semester
  • Sophomore/ Junior students (undergraduate) of the College of Economics can apply
  • 10 Students for every semester


(2) Admission year of 1960 Scholarship
  • Full Scholarship for 2 consecutive semesters
  • For Junior/ Senior (5, 6, 7th semester) students of Department of Economics & Global Economics (undergraduate)
  • Students who received scholarships must take more than 12 cerdits per semester, with average of more than 4.0 (A) Grade
  • Selects 2 students in February



4. Exchanges and Partnerships
(1) Introduction to Dual Degree Program / Student Exchange Program

The Global Economics Department is offering a new degree program to help students to succeed in a globally competitive environment. The Dual Degree Program allows SKKU students to attend leading universities in foreign countries and obtain degrees from both SKKU and a foreign partner university.


The Dual Degree Program is designed to give SKKU students two Bachelor degrees in four years. Students typically attend SKKU for 4 semesters and then a foreign partner university for 4 semesters.


Through the Dual Degree Program, Students can broaden their language and international business skills. Current partner universities include Indiana University, USA., and University of Birmingham, UK., Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands., and University of Essex, UK.


Moreover, we restrictively provide our own Student Exchange Program with the Global Economics department for intensive international experience. Students typically can choose 1 or 2 semesters to visit and study at our foreign partner university. Current partner universities include; Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands and Kiel University, Germany.


Please check the information below:

Exchanges and Partnerships
Country University/ Institution Date Academic
Dual Degree
UNITED KINGDOM University of Bristol 2022.2   O  
GERMANY Kiel University 2014.4 O O  
NETHERLANDS Erasmus University Rotterdam 2015.2 O O O
UNITED KINGDOM Essex University 2016.1     O
UNITED KINGDOM The University of Birmingham 2010.11     O
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(2) Requirements

Students who wish to apply for the Dual Degree Program are required to apply by the end of their 2nd or 3rd semester at SKKU. Acceptance to the program depends on student’s GPA, English writing skills and other measures of academic performance. Acceptance to the program requires review by faculty in both universities.



Why choose us?

1. Reputation

One of our laboratories was selected for the University Research Center Program funded by National Research Foundation (since 2014). Furthermore, the School of Economics was placed in the top 100 universities around the world in 2014 (QS World University Rankings by Subject 2014).


2. Support for International Students
  • All classes in the Department of Global Economics are taught in English
  • International students are free to get lingual/administrative help at the office in International Hall

For other general support (Dorm, Scholarship for the international students, Cultural events, etc.),
click <here>.