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Year Semester Class Code Course Title Credits Classification
Spring GEC2011 GE Freshman Seminar 3 Core Major
GEC2009 Introduction to Microeconomics 3
Fall GEC2010 Introduction to Macroeconomics 3
GEC2005 Mathematics for Economics 3
Spring GEC2003 Intermediate Microeconomic Theory 3
GEC2004 Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory 3
GEC2006 Statistical Analysis for Economics 3
Fall GEC3204 Econometrics 3
Fall, 2nd Year
~ 4th Year
GEC3103 International Trade 3
GEC3104 Industrial Organization 3
GEC3105 Game Theory 3
GEC3106 Advanced Microeconomic Theory 3
GEC3109 Advanced Macroeconomic Theory 3
GEC3201 Money and Banking 3
GEC3202 International Monetary Economics 3
GEC3203 Financial Economics 3
GEC3208 International Corporate Finance 3 Intensive Major
GEC3209 Forecasting and Time Series Analysis Utilizing Big Data 3
GEC3211 Financial Derivatives 3
GEC3213 Asset Pricing 3
GEC3214 Financial Econometrics 3
GEC3215 Fiscal Policy 3
GEC3301 Labor Economics 3 Core Major
GEC3302 Law and Economics 3
GEC3401 Public Economics 3
GEC3403 Economic Development 3
GEC3405 Environmental and Resource Economics 3
GEC3407 Health Economics 3
GEC3408 Health Informatics 3 Intensive Major
GEC3409 Labor Informatics 3
GEC3410 Political Economy 3 Core Major
GEC3412 Economics Research in Practice 3
GEC3413 Real Estate Investment and Finance 3