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Exchange Student Program

SKKU kicked off its outbound exchange program in the late 1990s. The 21st century has witnessed a considerable expansion of the number of outgoing SKKU students to partner universities around the world. This is mainly attributed to the increase of international collaboration, resulting in a huge influx of international students to our university.

Every semester, over 300 students take part in exchange programs to experience the world. Through the valuable outbound programs, SKKU students are able to stretch out to the world and to network with global friends. Moreover, we are also expecting the outgoing students who will play a critical role as ambassadors of SKKU in promoting our global competency toward the world. Related Site Links : (

Moreover, we restrictively provide our own Student Exchange Program with the Global Economics department for intensive international experience. Students typically can choose 1 or 2 semesters to visit and study at our foreign partner university. Current partner universities include; Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands and Kiel University, Germany.


Exchange student program
Partner University Quota Country Courses Program starts from
5 Students Netherlands 1 Semester JAN 2015
5 Students Germany 1 Semester OCT 2014