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The Global Economics Department is offering a new degree program to help students to succeed in a globally competitive environment. The Dual Degree Program allows SKKU students to attend leading universities in foreign countries and obtain degrees from both SKKU and a foreign partner university. Through the Dual Degree Program, Students can broaden their language and international business skills. Current partner universities include Indiana University, USA and University of Birmingham, UK and Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands and University of Essex, UK.
The Dual Degree Program is designed to give SKKU students two Bachelor degrees in four years. Students typically attend SKKU for 4 semesters and then a foreign partner university for 4 semesters.
Students who wish to apply to the Dual Degree Program are required to apply by the end of their 2nd or 3rd semester at SKKU. Acceptance to the program depends on student’s GPA, English writing skills and other measures of academic performance. Acceptance to the program requires review by faculty in both universities.