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The Theoretical Economics Group designed to prepare students to become academic economists with the Ph.D. degrees by teaching the commonly used mathematical and econometric tools of economic research. Prof. Joon-Yong Park, internationally regarded financial econometrician, Prof. Kyung-Hwan Baik, an internationally regarded game theorist, and Prof. Chang-Sik Kim, a leading econometrician, serve as advisers for this group.

The Financial Economics Group is designed to prepare students to enter commercial and investment banking firms, as well as to work for financial regulators and policy makers such as the Bank of Korea and the Financial Supervisory Boards. Moreover, students are can use the study group to study for a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) degree and Certified Financial Analyst (CFA) degree Prof. Soo-Sung Hwang, a world-renowned financial economist who has researched investment banking in London financial markets, serves as an advisor. Also Prof. Byung-Gun Song supports students in their career development as an advisor.

The Law & Economics Group is designed to prepare students to enter the legal profession or law school by focusing on issues such trade law and finance law. Moreover, students can receive training to prepare for the entrance exams at law schools Prof. Jae-Ho Sung from SKKU law school serves as an advisor and provide advice on how, to prepare for the bar- exam, Prof. Kwang-Soo Kim, a renowned economist in economic theorys, also serves as advisor for developing logical reasoning skills necessary for the bar exam.

The Public Economics Group is designed to prepares students for jobs in the government, in civil service or in a non-governmental organization that tries to influence public policy. students can also train for the Public Service Aptitude Test (PSAT) and other exams necessary to obtain a position in the public Prof. Chong-Bum An, a leading public economist and, as the President of Korean Association of Public Economics, and Prof. Kwang-Soo Kim serves as advisors for this group.