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‘Special Lectures for Global Leadership Development’ is offered as a regular course in fall semester and will feature. world-renowned economists, international financial specialists, economic policy makers, business leaders and leaders in arts and social activities as guest speakers. These guest speakers are intended to give students a wide perspective on the many global issues in the economy and to give them personal contact with influential thinkers and policy makers.
Special Lectures for Global Leadership Development (Offered & Planned)
Date Guest Speaker Special Lecture Topics
September 16
(Wed.) 2009
Wook Chae, President, KIEP Globalization and the Future of the
World Trading Regimes
September 30
(Wed.) 2009
Dean Robert Klemkosky, GSB, SKKU Causes of the global financial crisis and
what is needed in the future to prevent another crisis
October 14
(Wed.) 2009
Kyung-Soo Kim, President, Financial Economic
Research Institute, BOK
The future of the Korean economy and
the role of central bank
October 21
(Wed.) 2009
Hye-Min Lee, Deputy Minister,
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade
The future of global trading system and
regional economic integration:
The role of Korean trade and FTA policies
November 4
(Wed.) 2009
Dr. Oh-Seok Hyun President, KDI The structural change of the
world economy and Korean economy
November 11
(Wed.) 2009
Prof. Tae-Dong Kim, Former Chief
Economic Advisor to the President, SKKU
The future of Korean economy:
What should be done, and what should not be done?”
November 18
(Wed.) 2009
Dr. Yong-Ho Kim, Lawyer, Kim & Chang Cooperation and competition in
International Finance and Legal Services
November 25
(Wed.) 2009
Dr. Jong-Kap Kim, President, Hynix Challenges to the future of Korean economy
and high technology industries &
the case of Hynix
December 2
(Wed.) 2009
Ambassador Brian McDonald,
EU Embassy in Seoul
The current issues and the future of economic and political cooperation between EU and Korea
December 9
(Wed.) 2009
Mr. Gregory Burton, Minister
Counselor for Economic Affairs, US Embassy in Seoul
The future of economic cooperation between Korea and the US: Strategic Complementarities
Venue: International Hall (9B218), SKKU
The‘Special Lectures for Strategic Career Development’ are coordinated with the 4 four concentrations and study group activities of the Global Economics Program. Speakers will be asked to provide tips on how to prepare for a career in the field of concentration.
Special Lectures for Strategic Career Development (Offered & Planned)
Date Guest Speaker Special Lecture Topics
June 8,
(Mon.) 2009
Mr. Bong-Hyun Baik,
Economist, Bank of Korea
How to prepare to be an economists
at the ‘Bank of Korea’
June 11,
(Thur.) 2009
Mr. Jin-Ho Shin,
Director, Peninsula Capital Management
How to prepare to be a financial
specialists at an investment bank
June 11,
(Thur.) 2009
Prof. Jae-Ho Sung,
Graduate School of Law, SKKU
How to prepare to be a lawyer who
specializes in economic issues
June 11,
(Thur.) 2009
Prof. Joon-Yong Park, Prof.
Kyung-Hwan Baik, Prof.
Chang-Sik Kim Economics Dept., SKKU
How to prepare to be an
economist in academia
September 17,
(Thur.) 2009
Ms. Eun-Tae Kwon,
Deputy Director,
Ministry of Telecommunication Services
How to prepare to be an economist in the government or public sector
Venue: International Hall (9B218), SKKU