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2017 Graduate School Fair

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2017 Graduate School Fair

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SKKU will open "Graduate School Fair" on 9/30 (Fri) on Humanities and Social Sciences CAMPUS and on 10/5 (Fri) on Natural Sciences CAMPUS


You can get comprehensive information about education program, career, scholarship and etc at consulting booth of each department, and also get a counselling about entering the graduate school in this Graduate School Fair.


We appreciate a lot of participation of hopers who want to enter SKK Graduate School.




Humanities and Social Sciences CAMPUS (Seoul)

- Date: 2016. 9. 30 (Fri)

- Place: 600th Anniversary Hall, 5F, ChoByungDoo Int'l Conference Hall

- (13:30-16:00) Counselling related to departments in Humanities and Social Sciences CAMPUS, On-site Scholarship


Natural Sciences CAMPUS (Suwon)

- Date: 2016. 10. 5(Wed)

- Place: Samsung Library, 1F, Reading Room E

- (13:30-16:00) Counselling related to departments (Labs) in Natural Sciences CAMPUS, On-site Scholarship

- (16:00-17:30) Open lab


How to enroll in advance before participate :

On-line application at gradschool.skku.edu (~9/27 (Tue))


Students who enroll in advance will given coffee coupon


Further information


1. Departments will participate in the fair at Campus where they are involved. Please care for this.

- 9/30(Fri) Seoul: Humanities, Social Science, Physical Education/Arts

- 10/5(Wed) Suwon: Natural Sciences, Engineering, Medicine and Pharmacy


2. Softwareflatform(G-ICT track), Interaction Science, general graduate school of Law, Law school, Service Design Interdisciplinary Major participate in both CAMPUS.


3. You can visit freely office of departments and Labs during Graduate School Fair Period (9/30 (Fri)~10/7(Fri)).