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Announcement of GE International Conference at Birmingham, UK, Janurary, 2011
   Announcement of GE International Conference at Birmingham.docx (15.9K) [41] DATE : 2010-10-15 13:18:44

Announcement of GE International Conference at Birmingham, UK, Janurary, 2011

Hello folks,

As announced before, 39 students of our global economics department are going to participate in international conference in Birmingham, UK in January 17th ~ January 21th, 2011.

Please find a rough itinerary, and the table of participants and the academic adviser of each presentation team. Be sure to get frequent feedbacks from your advisers, and get fully prepared to submit your papers to SSCI international journals after the conference.

< A rough itinerary >

January 17 (Mon):  Departure from Seoul --> Arrival in Birmingham
Jan. 18 (Tues.): International Conference at University of Birmingham, UK
Jan. 19 (Wed.): Special Lectures by Distinguished Professor of UoB
Jan. 20 (Thur.): Special Lectures & Co-activities with UoB students (based on Buddy system) 
Jan. 21 (Fri.): Departure from Birmingham
Jan. 21 (Sat.): Arrival in Seoul

< Global Economics International Conference Team & Advisers >

Conference Date: January 18, 2011
Expected Date of Paper Submission to International Journal (SSCI): March, 2011


Topics & Participants



*Topic : Trend and Final Form of App Software Store.

*Team name : G 10

- Sophomore : Sang-woo Park, Min Kyung Baik, Suk Hwa Song, Eun Ju Lee, Jin Myoung Lee, Bo Hyun Jung, Young Wook Jung Bo Sun Kim

- Freshmen : Ji Yoon Lee, Woo Ri Seo



Prof. Sooseong Hwang


*Topic : Making our own marketing bill and food cost review based on the method done by ERS/USDA for U.S food market.

*Team name : Seven

- Freshmen : Hong Sik Um, Min Kyu Song, Geum Chan Hwang, Ji Hwan Ahn, Do Yeon Kim, Jun Ha Kim




Prof. Thomas Bishop


*Topic : Social cost of rent-seeking

*Team name : Hexagon

- Sophomore : Ki Sung Noh, Sang Bae Jung, Bum Soo Kang, Ye Chan Moon, Jin Uk Choi,Ji Wook Hwang



Prof. Iljoong Kim


*Topic : Looking at economic influence that Korea will gain when East Asia FTA is launched, using gravity model.

*Team name : M&A

- Freshmen : Joon Min Kim, Won Kyu Kim, Jin Hyun Kim, Joo Hyun Park, Jae Won Jang, Hak Bum Kim, Han Kyung Bae, Sae Won Ahn



Prof. Young-Han Kim


*Topic : Introduction of Competition in Media Representative And Effects on Business Concentration

*Team name : The SKKU GEs Society of Media Economics

- Sophomore : Min Kyung Yoo, Sang Eun Lee, Hye Jin Lee, Duck Sung Jung, Jung Hyun Choi

- Freshmen : Jae Yeon Park, Young Min Choi, Za Yeon Lee




Prof. Hoyeon Kim


*Topic :How to deal with the nuclear weapon problem of North Korea: Game Theoretic Approach

*Team name : Fresh Freshman

- Freshmen : Keun Ah Choi, Jun Hyun Sung, Ji Young Lim, Kyeong Hee Kim, Si Eun Kwon, Yong Ju Lee, Joong Hyun Hwang




Prof.Kyung H Baik


*Topic :- Forecasting the possibility of expanding the domestic demand in Asia.


*Team name : 22

- Sophomore : Soon Hong Gwon, Woo Jung Jang, Jin Kyung Lee

 - Freshmen : Hyun Jin Cho, Gwan Sung Yi



Prof.Minseong Kim

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